Building a
better financial future

We started OpenPool to simplify investing in crypto with our friends.

After building our initial beta product and interviewing hundreds of investors, we found that we were creating something bigger. We were making a new financial vehicle that was more accessible and transparent.

At OpenPool, we are using the On-Chain Fund to build a better financial future. Our mission is to provide institutional-quality funds at a fraction of the cost.

Our Core Pillars

Everyone should have access to high-quality investments

Investing should be a transparent and low-fee experience

Investing in crypto should be simple

OpenPool is the future of on-chain index investing

Superior Operational Execution

A more streamlined solution.

OpenPool revolutionizes the process for launching, managing and investing in index funds.

Broader Accessibility

24/7 trading by default

Whether its the ability to launch your own on-chain index fund, offering single tokens that represent baskets of assets, or jargon-free language, OpenPool is built for everyone.

Institutional-Grade Indices For Everyone

Bringing rigorous methodologies to every pool.

Working with industry-leading experts to craft index-methodologies for both in-house and community generated on-chain funds.