Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenPool?

OpenPool is an Ethereum-based investing dashboard that helps you easily monitor and manage your crypto token & NFT portfolios. At OpenPool, our mission is to help our customers become better crypto investors, and investors in general. Rather than simply presenting data in a vacuum like other wallet tools, OpenPool seeks to surface valuable information about your portfolio and present them in context so you can save time on crypto research and make informed investing decisions.

What wallets are supported on OpenPool?

For now, we only support Ethereum-based wallets. Some examples include Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, and Ledger Live. We are working hard to expand support to crypto wallets on other chains in the future.

Can I connect multiple wallets to OpenPool?

Yes, you can connect multiple wallets to OpenPool as long as they are Ethereum-based wallets. Connecting multiple wallets to OpenPool allows you to see an aggregated view of your crypto holdings across multiple wallets in the OpenPool dashboard.

What tokens and protocols does OpenPool support?

OpenPool supports 200+ Ethereum-based tokens and protocols (ERC-20 tokens). We plan to expand support to tokens on other chains over the coming months.

Does OpenPool support NFTs?

Yes, OpenPool supports NFTs. You are able to view and track your NFT portfolio, including its total market value and P&L, on the OpenPool dashboard.

Does OpenPool have control over my tokens & NFTs?

OpenPool is non-custodial, so you never delegate your crypto tokens or NFTs to the OpenPool platform. This means you are in control of your wallet and your crypto assets at all times. Your wallet, your crypto.

How secure is OpenPool?

We take security seriously at OpenPool. OpenPool never has access to your wallet’s private keys. Customer protection and security are our top priority.

Where is my wallet data stored?

OpenPool needs your authorization to access your wallet data. Signing the transaction gives OpenPool temporary access to your wallet data to populate the OpenPool dashboard. You can disconnect and manage your wallets on OpenPool at any time by clicking on the arrow next to your wallet address to access the “Manage Wallets” page.

How can I personalize my OpenPool dashboard?

At OpenPool, we understand that every crypto investor has trusted crypto sources and experts they follow. We allow you to personalize your OpenPool Newsfeed by adding those trusted Twitter sources so you can see their latest Tweets and news, right alongside your portfolio. To add custom Twitter feeds of your choice, simply click ‘Customize’ next to your Newsfeed. On the next screen, search for the Twitter account you wish to add, and click ‘Add’. It’s that easy!

Why is Developer Signal important?

At OpenPool, we believe there are underlying characteristics of every protocol/token that are important to monitor as a sign of the protocol’s health and potential growth. Developer signal is one such underlying characteristic. We believe protocols with a robust and growing Developer population can be attractive investments. Therefore, we surface Developer information for you so you don’t have to spend time hunting for it. In the future, we plan to surface more “signals” like the Developer Signal that we think are helpful to consider when evaluating your portfolio.

Does OpenPool have a mobile app?

We are working on launching an iOS mobile app. For now, our web app can be used on your mobile device’s web browser.

How does OpenPool make money?

The OpenPool dashboard is completely free. You heard us right - there’s no catch to this one. All we ask is you share OpenPool with your friends if you like our dashboard.

Where can I learn more about crypto and DeFI?

At OpenPool, our mission is to help customers like you become better, more informed investors. That’s why we’ve created OpenPool Explorer, an Education Center where you can learn more about all things crypto. As they say, knowledge is power.